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The computers are very close to our lives

October 28, 2007


 The computer is a result of technology’s development. The computer is very useful for us. It gives us many advantages. It is a general purpose electronic machine, which use data processing. As well as it is a collection of electronic devices that performs various tasks based on human instruction. Speed, accuracy, power of remembering, no intelligence, interactivity, programmability are the special features of a computer.
Computers are classified into several types based on their memory, size, capacity, speed, cost and usage.
They are mainly categorized into microcomputer, minicomputer, mainframe computer, Laptop computer, network computers.
Computers are using in wide range of area such as,
Home (Household accounts, hobbies etc.)
Every day life (libraries, banks, super markets, hospitals)
Industry (manufacturing of cars, chemical plants oil refineries etc.)
Education (laboratory experiments, presenting the presentations for the students under their syllabus etc.)
Commercial (payroll, stock control etc.)
Sometime you may have a big problem, who are better: people or computers? Sometime you may have think people are more suitable than computers. Because if we give true data to computer ,we can get true information after processing data. If we give wrong data to computer we can get wrong information by it. As well as it has many advantages due to mention above special features of computers.
The small computers came to the market as a result advancement of technology. Now a days computer use for to do many things. I think the computer will use for school as a teacher and will use for hospital as a doctor and will use for hospitals as a doctor and will use for every houses as a woman.


About my village

October 27, 2007


My village is Pattiyawela. It is situated in Hambantota district of Southern province. It belongs to Beliatta AGA division. It is situated about five miles away from Beliatta town. Nihiluwa, Tharaperiya, Walawela are my neighboring villages. The nearest town is Beliatta to my village and it is situated between Beliatta Hakmana town. The Beliatta Hakmana main road runs about a half mile far away from my village. My village is an Agricultural village. As an agricultural village paddy and vegetables are grown and as well as coconut plantation is spread out thickly in my village as a commercial crop and other crops are pepper, plantain and chena cultivation. There are fertile paddy fields in my village. It is symbol of my village’s property. We are getting water from natural water springs. The lakes, rivers, and canals help to supply water to cultivate paddy.In rainy season farmers are starting growing crops. In dry season they are getting their harvest.  My village is some what big one. There are about 800 people live in my village and about 150 families live in my village. There are so many educated people live in my village. Among them some are doctors,  some are teachers like those others work in private and public sectors. The majority of the villagers are government servants and farmers. How ever the villagers are building their day today life day by day  My village is a very ancient village in the southern province. Our village has a secrets, ancient, historical famous temple. It’s name is Galkema Rajamaha Viharaya. It was build by king Minikirula. Almost every poya day we attend to this temple and worship Lord Buddha by offering  flowers. There is very ancient kingdom three miles away from my village. It is Mulgirigala. There are four historical temples in my area. They are,
• Mulgirigala rock temple
• Umangala rock temple
• Seelawathiya rock temple
• Galkema rajamaha viharaya
These temples have old buildings, ponds, some memorials, stone status and stone carvings. There are no other religions in my area. All are Buddhist.  I wish to develop my village day by day.

My self

October 27, 2007


 I am Dedunu Hettiarachchi. I live in Pattiyawela. My birthday is on the 19th of February. I am a school leaver. I got my primary education from Tangalle Primary Vidyalaya and I got my higher education from Dhammapala Balika Vidyala and Rajapaksha Central College. I passed my G.C.E. O/L examination and A/L examination in Bio Science section. My subjects were biology, physics and chemistry. I like to learn English because it is an international language. There are five members in my family. My mother is Mrs. J.M.A. Leelawathi and my father is Mr. Samarasena Hettiarachchi. My mother is a teacher and my father was a clerk in A.G.A. Office in Mulatiyana. Now he is retired. I have one sister and one brother. My sister is elder  to me and my brother is younger to me. My sister is a teacher in Badigantota Vidyalaya and my brother is a student in Rajapaksha Central College. We live very happily and I love them very much. In my leisure time I like to learn about computers and I like to collect information about computers and help others.I got many certificates during my school period. I passed the Secretarial Practice Course in Technical College Beliatta in 2005. I followed a Computer Diploma course in IDM, Matara.  Now I am working as a volunteer computer training instructor in Ruhunulanka Acadamy. My ambition is be a good computer teacher in future.
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Hello world!

October 27, 2007

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