About my village


My village is Pattiyawela. It is situated in Hambantota district of Southern province. It belongs to Beliatta AGA division. It is situated about five miles away from Beliatta town. Nihiluwa, Tharaperiya, Walawela are my neighboring villages. The nearest town is Beliatta to my village and it is situated between Beliatta Hakmana town. The Beliatta Hakmana main road runs about a half mile far away from my village. My village is an Agricultural village. As an agricultural village paddy and vegetables are grown and as well as coconut plantation is spread out thickly in my village as a commercial crop and other crops are pepper, plantain and chena cultivation. There are fertile paddy fields in my village. It is symbol of my village’s property. We are getting water from natural water springs. The lakes, rivers, and canals help to supply water to cultivate paddy.In rainy season farmers are starting growing crops. In dry season they are getting their harvest.  My village is some what big one. There are about 800 people live in my village and about 150 families live in my village. There are so many educated people live in my village. Among them some are doctors,  some are teachers like those others work in private and public sectors. The majority of the villagers are government servants and farmers. How ever the villagers are building their day today life day by day  My village is a very ancient village in the southern province. Our village has a secrets, ancient, historical famous temple. It’s name is Galkema Rajamaha Viharaya. It was build by king Minikirula. Almost every poya day we attend to this temple and worship Lord Buddha by offering  flowers. There is very ancient kingdom three miles away from my village. It is Mulgirigala. There are four historical temples in my area. They are,
• Mulgirigala rock temple
• Umangala rock temple
• Seelawathiya rock temple
• Galkema rajamaha viharaya
These temples have old buildings, ponds, some memorials, stone status and stone carvings. There are no other religions in my area. All are Buddhist.  I wish to develop my village day by day.


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