The importance of English

                    English is international language. It is our second language. English as a foreign language some what difficult to understand. However it is easy to learn. As well as it is very useful to us. English is one of the widely used language in the world. We use this language to communicate with other countries of the world. If one knows English very well he or she can get better results in any field of study and can reach the top ranks of the profession. When we apply a high professional job we should fill the application in English. As well as when we face to an interview ,we must know how to use the English language in correct way and we can get high marks for it. When we have passed the English subject in O/L and A/L exam it is extra qualification for our job. Now all the subjects in the university are taught in English. So every students must learn English, if they want to pass the examinations and get a good job. If we know English we can read many books ,because many books are written in English medium. It is a communicative language. If we know English, we can go to whole world and exchange our ideas with other country people. When we use the computers we should know English. Because all the computer programs are written in English. When we send a E-mail and use the internet we must know English. Learning English helps us to enrich our lives in many ways. So we try to learn English. Then we  can win whole the world.     


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8 Responses to “The importance of English”

  1. Hakim Says:

    It is nice to see that the young people are not only realising the importance of English, but taking those bold steps to learn and communicate in English. It is good that you blog. You could be a good example to your students at the Ruhunulaka project. Keep up the good work.

  2. enTRpy Says:

    With the world becoming a global village through the internet it certainly is useful to learn a language such as English which can be used to communicate with people across the world.

    Nice blog by the way. Hope you’ll be posting on a regular basis.

  3. ravi Says:


  4. gloc Says:

    thank u for the information.., i now have some tips to write a composition in my assigment regarding enlish subject.., thank u very much .., keep it up ur good work..,`!

  5. Why Bother Learning English? « Short Circuit News Wire Says:

    […] Posted in Gonzo Report by Alex on March 10th, 2008 I stumbled on a WordPress <a href=>blog</a> by a blogger from Sri Lanka containing a short article on the importance of […]

  6. dedunu Says:

    Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. Please keep visiting my blog.

  7. dedunu Says:

    Thank you very much for your encouraging comments. Please keep visiting my blog. Bye.

  8. From Tores Town Says:

    Cool! And what is your fist language?

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