“The beauty of my motherland” and “The importance of my mothland”

My country is Sri Lanka. It is a small island which is in the Indian ocean. It is known as the “pearl” of the Indian ocean. It lies between longitudes 79 and 81 east and latitudes 5 and 10 north. From north to South the island is 425 kilometers long. From west to east it is 225 kilometers wide. The capital city of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte. The island has a tropical climate. Two monsoons coming from the north east and the south west bring rain to all parts of the country. The temperature ranges between 20 to 30 centigrade. In the central hills the climate is cooler. There are many different wild flowers, shrubs and trees here and the Peradeniya and Huggala botanical gardens have a large variety of tropical plants. It has many mountains, waterfalls, rivers, forests, tanks, flower gardens, animals, birds, beaches and ruined cities. The highest mountain is Pidurutalagala, which is 2524 meters high and the longest river is the Mahaweli, which is over 300 kilometres long. Kelani, Kalu, Walawe and Nilwala also big rivers. As well as there are beautiful waterfalls in my country like Dunhida and Lakshapana. They help to produce electricity. We have forests where animals, birds, reptiles live freely.Yala, Wilpaththu and Kumana are wild life reserves. Wild animals live in the game reserves. Elephants, leopards, bears, deer, Loris and monkeys are found here. There are many varieties of birds live in their natural habitat. Peacocks. Eagles. Jungle fowls and parrots are some of the four hundred kinds of birds that are found on the island.The economy of Sri Lanka is both agricultural and trade based. Tea, rubber, and coconut products are important exports. As other exports spices for an example pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves are exported to overseas. Rice is our staple food. There are so many fertile paddy fields in my country. It is symbol of my country’s prosperity.There are large tanks and ruined cities at Anuradhapura and Polonnaruea. Sigiriya is the 8th wonder in the world.Many tourists came to our country,  because it has a natural beautiful. The golden beaches of Sri Lanka are very much enjoyed by the tourists. The tourist business in Sri Lanka brings in income to the economy. Sri Lanka has always been famous for it’s precious stones. In the past traders from overseas visited the island looking for gems. This is still an important market today. In the present the president of Sri Lanka is Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksha and the prime minister of Sri Lanka is Mr. Rathnasiri Wickramanayaka. The population of Sri Lanka is about 20 million. Ethnic groups include the Sinhalese, Tamils., Muslims and Burgers live in our country. The majority population is Sinhalese and the minority population is Tamils. We live peacefully in our country. The people of my country live very honestly and kindly.Unfortunately we had to face tsunami tragedy in 2004 and lots of people died at that moment.I am very happy to be born in this beautiful country. I am proud of  my country. I love my motherland. “May all gods bless my country” I love my beautiful country forever.     


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