Why I want to be a computer teacher

  A man without ambition is useless. Everybody is born with some purpose. Then he or she should fulfill it. I do not want wealth or power. I want to serve my country. That is my only ambition. Therefore I want to become a teacher. By becoming a teacher I shall serve the pupils. I shall teach to the poor children. Since childhood any person has a dream for his or her future they want to be a doctor, engineer, teacher, pilot and etc. Since my childhood I had a ambition to be a teacher, Now a days I like to be a teacher in Computer section, Since my little age I learn very hard to success my ambition.          Teaching is a noble profession and it is very respectful job. As well as we are unable to gain our knowledge without the help of the teachers. A teacher’s responsibilities are many and when the pupils behave badly or fail the examination the teacher’s hopes are disappointed. The teacher shows correct path to the young generation and they advise to them. Sometime they have to face many difficulties. Sometimes they have to face traveling problems in rural area. But their service is very valuable and grateful. By becoming a teacher I think I can do grateful service to my pupils. Some pupils are calm, attractive and clever. Some are mischievous. I can teach them very well and I can show the correct, good future to them. I like to be a valuable, good person to my country. I try to achieve my ambition in near future. That is why those days, I have joined to the e-village project.               


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