Tsunami Disaster

Tsunami is Japan word. Tsunami is seismic sea wave. In the past we have heard about tsunami in the period of king Kelanitissa. By the cause of earthquake or cause of other reason the sea wave rolling into the sea shore and destroy all the things. This is called “Tsunami”.
There are some reasons cause it. They are,
1. Moving tectonic plates in the sea bed.
2. Volcanic eruptions.
3. Sea bed slips in the bottom of the  sea.
4. Nuclear blast were happen under the sea.
5.Asteroid or meteorite fall into sea,.

In 26th of  December 2004 we had to face an unforgettable opportunities. We never face this unfortunately opportunity before this. The day is poya day. The tsunami reached our country on Sri Lankan time at about 8.27 a.m. in the east shore. Such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Sumatra, India, Malaysia, Maldives Island, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia had face to this opportunity.
Water rolling towards the country inside and happened dangerous task. Many people and animals died by the tsunami. Tsunami mainly caused to Indonesia and people over 2 lack died by tsunami in there. About 30,000 people died in Sri Lanka. Tsunami also caused to damage property, crops, vegetation, vehicles and as well as even their homes and lives. Still some people haven’t their native place. Many are left homeless due to such tsunami and they have to live in unstable homes and huts.
Mainly in Sri Lanka Ampara, Hambantota, Mullative, Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Galle, Jaffna, Matara had to face tsunami disaster.
Some cruel people steal someone property and robbed their property. Some people acted selfishly.
The government organizations are still help to refugees. But still their lives are not stable.
Now a days Tsunami is a very common word. But in the past even in 2004 it is very uncommon word. When 2004 we didn’t know about tsunami. As a result of unknowing many people died at that tragedy. At that incident people thought that the sea was sink and that the land was become increase.
Tsunami disaster is the ever seen largest disaster has been faced us. It is unforgettable and ever remember incident to the world. I wish, like this natural disaster never become to our world once again..


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