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The Sinhala New Year festival is coming soon

March 30, 2008

The Sinhala New Year festival is one of the most enjoyable and important festivals in Sri Lanka. It is held in the lovely month of April. It is also the most important national festival for Sinhala and Tamil people in Sri Lanka.
The sun enters Mesa rasi form Meena rasi completing an annual cycle. This is the event which we call the “Sinhala new year”. The word “year” also means “this special day”.
Kuku bird brings us the message of the Sinhala new yearNew Year. The sweet song of the “Koha” as it nests in the heavily laden mango trees floats melodiously in the air. The “Erabadu” trees burst into bloom. The blood red flowers appear on the leafless branches. As the Sinhala New Year dawns, we can hear the sounds of crackers and Raban  playing all around us.
During this season the trees bear fruits such as mango, cashew and jack flowers bloom.
The harvest has been gathered and now is the time to enjoy it.
Before the New Year every home gets ready by cleaning up to welcome Sinhala New Year. Houses are color washed and given a “new look”.  House wives go to shops for buy food, clothes and gifts.
The air is full of the smell of coconut oil, as the Sinhala sweetmeats are prepared.
On New Year day, every thing is done according to auspicious times. These include kindling the hearth, partaking meals, financial transactions, commencement of work, anointing the head with oil, bathing and setting out for employment.
During the season we have new clothes and lots of delicious food such as milk rice, cakes, Kawum, Kokis, Kaludodol, plantains.
The people wear clothes of the lucky colors. They exchange of money and gifts. Children worship to their elders with betel. Gifts are exchanged between friends and relatives. People visit their relations and grant forgiveness for all enmities by offering betel. It is one of the traditional customs that is observed during the Sinhala New Year.
Many people do not forget to go high up in swings and play games. New Year games include tug of war, obstacle races, cycle races, marathons, beauty contests, fancy dress parades, pillow fighting, and climbing the grease pole. Blind folded games such as bursting of balloons, eating buns, and breaking of the pot are also popular.
In the last few days our houses have been made ready to welcome the Sinhala New Year. All over the country people return to their homes to celebrate this festival with their families. It is also the start of the school vacation period. These celebrations continue for up to a week or more. It is a festival of fun and merry making.  


The uses of trees

March 30, 2008

Trees are considered to be man’s best friend. They are closely connected with human conduct. Today everyone talks of the environment. When we talk of the environment, there is something that we cannot forget. We can never forget trees, because trees play a great role when we talk about this subject.
First think about the usefulness of trees. Trees help man in various ways. Trees can produce food within themselves, but man can not do the same. They give us medicine, firewood and timber for housing. There are chairs, desks, benches and other furniture in our houses. What are they made of? They are made of wood. There are doors, windows and cupboards in our houses. They are also made of wood. We us wood as fuel for lighting hearths. We need food to live on. They are mostly supplied by trees. 
People can not exist without trees because trees give us shelter as well as providing us with food.
The air is cleaned by the trees. They also prevent soil erosion. Man can not exist without the trees. It is impossible to think of a world devoid of trees. Trees help us  avoid the harmful ultra violet rays in sun light with their shade. When a man dies he goes to the grave in a wooden coffin.
Every year the government declares the 15th of October as a special day on for planting of trees. This is done to convince the citizens about the importance of growing trees. The whole the world celebrates the environment day on the 5th of June.
 Yet forests are being cleared by people because of their needs. If we cut a tree we must plant two or three in its place.
But some people do not know the value of trees, which is why they destroy forests in our country. They don’t think of the harmful effect of cutting trees. This is a very sad situation.
As a new generation we must learn the various uses of trees and must always protect them as our lives.

The medical exhibition in Southern province

March 22, 2008

A three day medical exhibition and clinic was held from the 20th to the 22nd of March 2008 at the Tangalle Balika Vidyalaya and Tangalle public school in the Southern province. It was held between 10.00am and 10.00pm on all three days. This exhibition was organized by the development committee of the Tangalle hospital. The aim of this exhibition was to collect funds to establish an Intensive care unit at the Tangalle hospital.
I went to see the exhibition with my mother on the 20th of March. I got a lot of knowledge and experience from this medical exhibition.
I saw dead bodies of various ages, like babies and adults. I felt very sad. The exhibition contained a format of a theatre , parts of the human bodies, equipment  use in operations, and video clip showing how a baby is born to the world. The video showed both normal births and Caesarian births. There was also a medical court section, a hall explaining various illnesses, a first aid centre, an exhibit about teeth, and an explanation of parts of our body.
This exhibition also had a special hall exhibiting various snakes. It made somewhat afraid. I think these lectures and explanations were very useful for our daily routine. This exhibition is new experience form me. I did my A/L exam in bio Science, so I like to learn and know the new things about medical matters. I think I will remember this exhibition forever.


How I got into computers

March 15, 2008

In 2005 I was a student of Technical College Beliatta and I followed the secretary course in the English medium. I passed all subjects in that course. For the training period I joined the computer unit of H/Nihiluwa public school as an external computer training instructor. When I joined this institution I knew only the office course. This institution was my computer foundation. I increased my computer knowledge by using computers. I got a chance to use the internet. Via the email I was able to exchange my ideas with others. I was also able to search for information on the internet.
After the e-village concept came to Nihiluwa, a lot of changes happened. We got a very fast internet connection. Now I share my knowledge with external and internal students.
I teach an office course on how to use the internet, exchanging ideas via email, as well as software such as Photoshop, PageMaker, and Illustrator. I also teach how to design websites and create blogs.
I hope to keep on improving my knowledge. So I kindly ask anyone who can to help me improve my English and computer knowledge.

About Ruhunulanka workshop

March 15, 2008

A special workshop for the e-village project was held in Ruhunu Lanka academy on the 6th of March 2008. This workshop was conducted by the founder of e-village project Mr.Nandasiri Wanninayaka and the manager of ruhunulanka academy Mr. Amal Thushara.
The Team of Ruhunu Lanka academy, the students from grade 6 and above at Nihiluwa public school along with their teachers got the opportunity to participate in this workshop. We received a vast knowledge on Information technology.
During the workshop, we were interviewed by the conductor, in order to test our conversation skills. These were recorded on tape and later on we watched the videos and understood our mistakes and weaknesses and step by step he explained us on how we can improve our conversation skills.
We learnt how to work as a team with unity, co-operation, dedication and courage. This work shop was interesting and brought us new experiences.
As a ruhunulanka student I than Mr. Nandasiri Wanninayaka for the great service he gives to us. And finally I thank the manager of ruhunulanka academy Mr. Amal Thushara for the dedication, guidance and support.

The e-village project of “Ruhunulanka”

March 9, 2008

Did you know that the Horizon lanka academy of Mahavilachchiya is the 1st e-village in our country? It is situated in Anuradhapura district. It is a very rural area, but the technological resources of the village have improved during the past few years.
After Mahavilachchiya this project was started in 5 different provinces. Our village, Nihiluwa in Hambantota district was also among them. This institute is called Ruhunu Lanka Academy.
This academy is managed by Mr Amal Thushara. There were 13 students in the 1st batch. I am also a member of this project. This month we got our 2nd batch Even though this village is situated in a rural area, technological development in computer field made our village into a global village.
Today we can reach any place in the world via internet thanks to the fast internet connection we have in our village.
Within few seconds we can communicate with each other via internet. We can exchange our ideas through e-mails very easily. We have made blogs and websites.
The internet has made the world a smaller place. Now we feel like living in a global village.
We can read and see what’s happening around the world while sitting in front of the computer. I am very happy and proud about our e-village project. I wish our project will develop further in coming days.

About my family

March 8, 2008

There are five members in my family. They are father, mother, sister, brother and I. My father is Mr. Samarasena Hetti Arachchi. He was a clerk in Mulatiyana A.G.A. office. Now he is retire. My mother is Mrs. J.M.A. Leelawathi. She is a teacher in H/Nihiluwa M.V. My sister is elder than me and my brother is younger than me. I am the middle of my family. My sister is Mrs. Dilani Hettiarachchi. She is a teacher and now she is married. My cousin is Mr. Jayarathna and he is a teacher. My brother is still a student. Our all family members live very happily each other. I love my family.


March 8, 2008

Nihiluwa is a big village. It is situated in Hambantota district. Nihiluwa is an agricultural village. There are more than two thousand people live in Nihiluwa. There are so many educated people live in Nihiluwa. Among them some are doctors, some are lawyers, some are teachers, some are engineers like those others work in private and public sectors. As an agricultural village paddy and vegetable are grown. Coconut plantation is spread out thickly in Nihiluwa as a commercial crop. There are several public places situated in and around Nihiluwa. Those are banks, schools(H/ Nihiluwa M.V. and Nihiluwa Primary Vidyalaya), health centre, co-operative shop, library, communication centre and etc. As well as our e-village centre situated in this village. So we proud and we are very happy as the people of this area. Nihiluwa is the ancient village in the southern province. There is an ancient kingdom three miles away from Nihiluwa. It is Maligathenna. As well as there are some ancient historical temples situated in this area and around this area. They are, Mulgirigala rock temple, Galkema, Seelawathi rock temple and Umangala rock temple. Nihiluwa is a off city area, but there are so many facilities to the people. I wish our area to be develop day by day.

Terrorism in Sri Lanka

March 1, 2008

Terrorism is a serious problem in the world. From mass media we can know about this threatful terrorism. I like to say from this terrorism, how many lives are lost in the world? I don’t know why do the people fight and kill them selves. Some people fight for their races, colors of  skins, and dividing the country for several parts. As example in this small country, Sri Lanka Tamil and Sinhala people are fighting for asking the parts of Sri Lanka. Tamil people say that they want the northern peninsula for them. It is tragic to say, they do dangerous crime for fighting. They use nuclear weapons for killing Sinhala people. Our brave soldiers scarify their lives because of this terrorism. These days we always hear many civilian people were killed by bomb blasting. How sorrowful this situation. How many sons were lost to mothers?, how many husbands were lost to their wives?, how many brave soldiers were lost our nation? Not only that how many innocent Tamil people were lost? But every day this situation is going on? We love to our country? We want the peace. But this terrorism problem is not solved. From this terrorism we have to face many problems. Our production, commercial income, tourism and all the manufacturing process are falling down. The government has to spend a lot of money for this serious task. So we can’t develop our country for future. Not only our country, lets look at the other countries in the world. It is become universal problem. Not only Asian countries but also developed countries have faced this situation like America, London. We can see and hear from the mass media how the nation weep about this serious problem. In spite of peace and happiness they have to bear up the hunger, sadness, sorrow and threaten. So my only thought is avoiding the terrorism for all over the world and peace and happiness will be reached to all the nation. It is my wish. I think it will come soon.