Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Terrorism is a serious problem in the world. From mass media we can know about this threatful terrorism. I like to say from this terrorism, how many lives are lost in the world? I don’t know why do the people fight and kill them selves. Some people fight for their races, colors of  skins, and dividing the country for several parts. As example in this small country, Sri Lanka Tamil and Sinhala people are fighting for asking the parts of Sri Lanka. Tamil people say that they want the northern peninsula for them. It is tragic to say, they do dangerous crime for fighting. They use nuclear weapons for killing Sinhala people. Our brave soldiers scarify their lives because of this terrorism. These days we always hear many civilian people were killed by bomb blasting. How sorrowful this situation. How many sons were lost to mothers?, how many husbands were lost to their wives?, how many brave soldiers were lost our nation? Not only that how many innocent Tamil people were lost? But every day this situation is going on? We love to our country? We want the peace. But this terrorism problem is not solved. From this terrorism we have to face many problems. Our production, commercial income, tourism and all the manufacturing process are falling down. The government has to spend a lot of money for this serious task. So we can’t develop our country for future. Not only our country, lets look at the other countries in the world. It is become universal problem. Not only Asian countries but also developed countries have faced this situation like America, London. We can see and hear from the mass media how the nation weep about this serious problem. In spite of peace and happiness they have to bear up the hunger, sadness, sorrow and threaten. So my only thought is avoiding the terrorism for all over the world and peace and happiness will be reached to all the nation. It is my wish. I think it will come soon.     


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