Nihiluwa is a big village. It is situated in Hambantota district. Nihiluwa is an agricultural village. There are more than two thousand people live in Nihiluwa. There are so many educated people live in Nihiluwa. Among them some are doctors, some are lawyers, some are teachers, some are engineers like those others work in private and public sectors. As an agricultural village paddy and vegetable are grown. Coconut plantation is spread out thickly in Nihiluwa as a commercial crop. There are several public places situated in and around Nihiluwa. Those are banks, schools(H/ Nihiluwa M.V. and Nihiluwa Primary Vidyalaya), health centre, co-operative shop, library, communication centre and etc. As well as our e-village centre situated in this village. So we proud and we are very happy as the people of this area. Nihiluwa is the ancient village in the southern province. There is an ancient kingdom three miles away from Nihiluwa. It is Maligathenna. As well as there are some ancient historical temples situated in this area and around this area. They are, Mulgirigala rock temple, Galkema, Seelawathi rock temple and Umangala rock temple. Nihiluwa is a off city area, but there are so many facilities to the people. I wish our area to be develop day by day.


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One Response to “Nihiluwa”

  1. bodhini Says:

    Admire your efforts . Glad to read about your village, I will definitely visit this place when I get holidays in near future. I am so happy to read your blog. Keep up with your good work.
    Bodhini Akka

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