The e-village project of “Ruhunulanka”

Did you know that the Horizon lanka academy of Mahavilachchiya is the 1st e-village in our country? It is situated in Anuradhapura district. It is a very rural area, but the technological resources of the village have improved during the past few years.
After Mahavilachchiya this project was started in 5 different provinces. Our village, Nihiluwa in Hambantota district was also among them. This institute is called Ruhunu Lanka Academy.
This academy is managed by Mr Amal Thushara. There were 13 students in the 1st batch. I am also a member of this project. This month we got our 2nd batch Even though this village is situated in a rural area, technological development in computer field made our village into a global village.
Today we can reach any place in the world via internet thanks to the fast internet connection we have in our village.
Within few seconds we can communicate with each other via internet. We can exchange our ideas through e-mails very easily. We have made blogs and websites.
The internet has made the world a smaller place. Now we feel like living in a global village.
We can read and see what’s happening around the world while sitting in front of the computer. I am very happy and proud about our e-village project. I wish our project will develop further in coming days.


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