About Ruhunulanka workshop

A special workshop for the e-village project was held in Ruhunu Lanka academy on the 6th of March 2008. This workshop was conducted by the founder of e-village project Mr.Nandasiri Wanninayaka and the manager of ruhunulanka academy Mr. Amal Thushara.
The Team of Ruhunu Lanka academy, the students from grade 6 and above at Nihiluwa public school along with their teachers got the opportunity to participate in this workshop. We received a vast knowledge on Information technology.
During the workshop, we were interviewed by the conductor, in order to test our conversation skills. These were recorded on tape and later on we watched the videos and understood our mistakes and weaknesses and step by step he explained us on how we can improve our conversation skills.
We learnt how to work as a team with unity, co-operation, dedication and courage. This work shop was interesting and brought us new experiences.
As a ruhunulanka student I than Mr. Nandasiri Wanninayaka for the great service he gives to us. And finally I thank the manager of ruhunulanka academy Mr. Amal Thushara for the dedication, guidance and support.


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One Response to “About Ruhunulanka workshop”

  1. Marion Herath Says:

    It is great to hear about project initiatives as such.
    Your appreciation is obvious and I hope many students profit from such experiences.
    Marion herath

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