How I got into computers

In 2005 I was a student of Technical College Beliatta and I followed the secretary course in the English medium. I passed all subjects in that course. For the training period I joined the computer unit of H/Nihiluwa public school as an external computer training instructor. When I joined this institution I knew only the office course. This institution was my computer foundation. I increased my computer knowledge by using computers. I got a chance to use the internet. Via the email I was able to exchange my ideas with others. I was also able to search for information on the internet.
After the e-village concept came to Nihiluwa, a lot of changes happened. We got a very fast internet connection. Now I share my knowledge with external and internal students.
I teach an office course on how to use the internet, exchanging ideas via email, as well as software such as Photoshop, PageMaker, and Illustrator. I also teach how to design websites and create blogs.
I hope to keep on improving my knowledge. So I kindly ask anyone who can to help me improve my English and computer knowledge.


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One Response to “How I got into computers”

  1. Marion Herath Says:

    Dear Dedunu,
    First, what a beautiful name !!! Next , what an interesting and creative girl !
    Congratulations on your attempt to inform and share your interests , beliefs and your culture .
    I am a teacher in Australia . I taught in Sri Lanka many years ago (in the Badulla district) .I enjoyed teaching children ,and you have brought back many vivid memories of those beautiful children that I once taught ( over twenty years ago). I still keep in touch with many of my students.
    Keep up your wonderful interests .Best wishes for the future.
    Marion Herath

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