The Sinhala New Year festival is coming soon

The Sinhala New Year festival is one of the most enjoyable and important festivals in Sri Lanka. It is held in the lovely month of April. It is also the most important national festival for Sinhala and Tamil people in Sri Lanka.
The sun enters Mesa rasi form Meena rasi completing an annual cycle. This is the event which we call the “Sinhala new year”. The word “year” also means “this special day”.
Kuku bird brings us the message of the Sinhala new yearNew Year. The sweet song of the “Koha” as it nests in the heavily laden mango trees floats melodiously in the air. The “Erabadu” trees burst into bloom. The blood red flowers appear on the leafless branches. As the Sinhala New Year dawns, we can hear the sounds of crackers and Raban  playing all around us.
During this season the trees bear fruits such as mango, cashew and jack flowers bloom.
The harvest has been gathered and now is the time to enjoy it.
Before the New Year every home gets ready by cleaning up to welcome Sinhala New Year. Houses are color washed and given a “new look”.  House wives go to shops for buy food, clothes and gifts.
The air is full of the smell of coconut oil, as the Sinhala sweetmeats are prepared.
On New Year day, every thing is done according to auspicious times. These include kindling the hearth, partaking meals, financial transactions, commencement of work, anointing the head with oil, bathing and setting out for employment.
During the season we have new clothes and lots of delicious food such as milk rice, cakes, Kawum, Kokis, Kaludodol, plantains.
The people wear clothes of the lucky colors. They exchange of money and gifts. Children worship to their elders with betel. Gifts are exchanged between friends and relatives. People visit their relations and grant forgiveness for all enmities by offering betel. It is one of the traditional customs that is observed during the Sinhala New Year.
Many people do not forget to go high up in swings and play games. New Year games include tug of war, obstacle races, cycle races, marathons, beauty contests, fancy dress parades, pillow fighting, and climbing the grease pole. Blind folded games such as bursting of balloons, eating buns, and breaking of the pot are also popular.
In the last few days our houses have been made ready to welcome the Sinhala New Year. All over the country people return to their homes to celebrate this festival with their families. It is also the start of the school vacation period. These celebrations continue for up to a week or more. It is a festival of fun and merry making.  


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2 Responses to “The Sinhala New Year festival is coming soon”

  1. Tania Says:

    What do people wear in Sri Lankan New Year?

  2. dedunu Says:

    Thanks a lot for your comment.
    Sri Lanka people wear new frocks like traditional frocks and various types of frocks. Please see my blog regularly.I will add new articles.
    Your loving,

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