The uses of trees

Trees are considered to be man’s best friend. They are closely connected with human conduct. Today everyone talks of the environment. When we talk of the environment, there is something that we cannot forget. We can never forget trees, because trees play a great role when we talk about this subject.
First think about the usefulness of trees. Trees help man in various ways. Trees can produce food within themselves, but man can not do the same. They give us medicine, firewood and timber for housing. There are chairs, desks, benches and other furniture in our houses. What are they made of? They are made of wood. There are doors, windows and cupboards in our houses. They are also made of wood. We us wood as fuel for lighting hearths. We need food to live on. They are mostly supplied by trees. 
People can not exist without trees because trees give us shelter as well as providing us with food.
The air is cleaned by the trees. They also prevent soil erosion. Man can not exist without the trees. It is impossible to think of a world devoid of trees. Trees help us  avoid the harmful ultra violet rays in sun light with their shade. When a man dies he goes to the grave in a wooden coffin.
Every year the government declares the 15th of October as a special day on for planting of trees. This is done to convince the citizens about the importance of growing trees. The whole the world celebrates the environment day on the 5th of June.
 Yet forests are being cleared by people because of their needs. If we cut a tree we must plant two or three in its place.
But some people do not know the value of trees, which is why they destroy forests in our country. They don’t think of the harmful effect of cutting trees. This is a very sad situation.
As a new generation we must learn the various uses of trees and must always protect them as our lives.


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