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How I celebrated the new year festival very highly with my family

April 20, 2008

 The New Year festival is an enjoyable important national festival in Sri Lanka. All the Sinhala and Tamil people celebrated this festival in a big way this year – as they did in other years. This year the festival was held on the 13th of April. We got ready to greet our new year by cleaning our houses, buying new dresses and preparing sweet meats. All Sri Lankans carried out their traditional activities at the auspicious time. This is the special thing in the New Year festival.
This time the old year ended on the 12th of April. On that day we bathed for the last time in the old year and anointed our heads with oil. We could hear the sound of crackers and the sweet song of the Koka bird all around us.
The Sinhala New Year dawned at 6.29 p.m. Sri Lankan time. The time between 12.05 p.m. to 12.53 p.m. is not an auspicious time. We called this time “Punna time” and this time is for religion activities. So I went to temple with my family and offered flowers to Lord Buddha.
At 6.54 p.m. was the time put aside to preparing the meal. My mother kindled the hearth on time and prepared milk rice. I also helped my mother prepare milk rice and we prepared our New Year table by using sweet meats like milk rice, Kawum, Kokis, Dodol, and Plantains.
8.10 p.m. was the time for eating the New Year meal, carry out financial transactions and commence work for the first time in the New Year. This year our lucky color was red and yellow. All the members wore the new  clothes. My father lit the New Year oil lamp at the auspicious time and fed us the first serving of food.
After taking our meal we worshiped our parents and elders by giving beetle to their hands. Afterwards we exchanged money between each other. My mother and father gave money to me.
7.42 am on the 16th of April was the time for anointing our heads with oil. This day we went to our temple and we celebrated this special occasion in a big way. Every year this event is organized by the students of the Dhamma School. For this event we prepared a special New Year table with refreshments for the participants. Afterwards we came home and bathed.
6.19 am on the 17th of April was the time for setting out for employment wearing the lucky color. This year it was gold.
These are the traditional customs that are observed during the Sinhala new year.



Keep Company with friends grow pleasure.

April 19, 2008


Friendship is a strong bond between two living beings. Every one in the world has many friends. It  is not an issue of a person’s age, caste, religion, gender or status. Whether it is childhood, the teenage period, young period or even old age a person can find a friend according to his or her feelings, wishes and likes.
True friends can share their feelings of happiness, sadness, affection and any other condition in life. When we get into trouble real friends do not avoid helping us. We never expect our friends to take advantage of us.
A  proverb says “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”. Actually it is the truth. Friends should be loyal, trust worthy, and respect each other. Sharing their ideas without hiding makes a friendship healthy .
I like to keep company with my friends. I have many friends in my country and foreign countries. But I have chosen several friends as my close friends. I can understand who the real friends are. I share my happiness and sadness with them. In my free time I call them and enjoy spending time with them.

I never forget my school period

April 5, 2008

 I never went to pre school. In my pre school period I went to school with my mother. My mother is a teacher in H/Nihiluwa Maha Vidyalaya. So every day I went to school with my mother and I stayed in Primary school in Nihiluwa. It was very pleasure to me.
After I attend to H/ Tangalle primary school for my primary education. My first class teacher was Mrs. Menike. I loved her very much. I went there until grade 5. I passed my year 5 scholarship at there and I got 132 marks.
After I had to go for my secondary education to Sumangala girl school in Panadura. But I didn’t like to depart from my family. So I came back for grade 7. Then I got my education in H/ Nihiluwa public school and after I attend to H/ Dhammapala girl school and I passed my G.C.E. O/L exam very well at there. In this time I was a prefect in school and I participate many events in Sinhala section and English section. As well as I won and I got many certificates.
After I decided to do my A/L exam in Bio Science and I entered to H/ Rajapaksha Central College.
I never forget my school period and I ever remember this period. I love my schools. I respect to all every day. Because this is my foundation in my life. I ever consider my teachers as my gods. They ever noble person.

Affection of parents

April 5, 2008

 Mother and father are sacred words in the world. Their love is the most important and valuable thing in the world. They love their children as if they were their own lives. As children this is very useful for our lives.  Sometimes our parents have punished or scolded us. But they do that for our benefit. They are never angry with us. Many religions teach that our parents are very important persons in our lives.
Parents are our first teachers. So they are our gods. Since our childhood they show us the correct path. They are noble persons in our lives. Since our childhood they look after us very lovingly. We can’t find such  love from others. Our parents never hurt us even when we do wrong things. They forgive us for our errors .
In our childhood our mother lulled us to sleep with lullabies. She gives us her milk by turning blood into milk with her love. Our mother always tries to look after us well and when we are ill she feels very sad.. When we get better she is very happy. She tries to get us good education. When we pass examinations and when we win prizes she becomes very happy.
Our father also is a mentor in our lives. He always works hard to earn money to feed us with a lot of love. He tries to give us a good education and make us good citizens.
So we should look after our parents when they become old. We must never forget them. We should love them and look after them as if they were our eyes.