Affection of parents

 Mother and father are sacred words in the world. Their love is the most important and valuable thing in the world. They love their children as if they were their own lives. As children this is very useful for our lives.  Sometimes our parents have punished or scolded us. But they do that for our benefit. They are never angry with us. Many religions teach that our parents are very important persons in our lives.
Parents are our first teachers. So they are our gods. Since our childhood they show us the correct path. They are noble persons in our lives. Since our childhood they look after us very lovingly. We can’t find such  love from others. Our parents never hurt us even when we do wrong things. They forgive us for our errors .
In our childhood our mother lulled us to sleep with lullabies. She gives us her milk by turning blood into milk with her love. Our mother always tries to look after us well and when we are ill she feels very sad.. When we get better she is very happy. She tries to get us good education. When we pass examinations and when we win prizes she becomes very happy.
Our father also is a mentor in our lives. He always works hard to earn money to feed us with a lot of love. He tries to give us a good education and make us good citizens.
So we should look after our parents when they become old. We must never forget them. We should love them and look after them as if they were our eyes.



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