I never forget my school period

 I never went to pre school. In my pre school period I went to school with my mother. My mother is a teacher in H/Nihiluwa Maha Vidyalaya. So every day I went to school with my mother and I stayed in Primary school in Nihiluwa. It was very pleasure to me.
After I attend to H/ Tangalle primary school for my primary education. My first class teacher was Mrs. Menike. I loved her very much. I went there until grade 5. I passed my year 5 scholarship at there and I got 132 marks.
After I had to go for my secondary education to Sumangala girl school in Panadura. But I didn’t like to depart from my family. So I came back for grade 7. Then I got my education in H/ Nihiluwa public school and after I attend to H/ Dhammapala girl school and I passed my G.C.E. O/L exam very well at there. In this time I was a prefect in school and I participate many events in Sinhala section and English section. As well as I won and I got many certificates.
After I decided to do my A/L exam in Bio Science and I entered to H/ Rajapaksha Central College.
I never forget my school period and I ever remember this period. I love my schools. I respect to all every day. Because this is my foundation in my life. I ever consider my teachers as my gods. They ever noble person.


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2 Responses to “I never forget my school period”

  1. sarath Says:

    I just want to say to Ms. Hetti Arachi that I grew up in Tangalle and moved to USA in 1970. I guess we both went to Rajapaksa Central College in Weerakatiya. I remember it was co-ed those days in 1960’s, when I was there. I still have very pond memories of my schools and town that I grew up in. I was last in Sri Lanka was in 1994, and since then I have not been back. Some day I hope to be there and rekindle my memories.

    Best Regards,

  2. dedunu Says:

    How are you? Thank you very much for your comment. I am very happy about you because of so you are also Sri Lankan. Keep tauch my blog weekly. Bye.

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