Keep Company with friends grow pleasure.


Friendship is a strong bond between two living beings. Every one in the world has many friends. It  is not an issue of a person’s age, caste, religion, gender or status. Whether it is childhood, the teenage period, young period or even old age a person can find a friend according to his or her feelings, wishes and likes.
True friends can share their feelings of happiness, sadness, affection and any other condition in life. When we get into trouble real friends do not avoid helping us. We never expect our friends to take advantage of us.
A  proverb says “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”. Actually it is the truth. Friends should be loyal, trust worthy, and respect each other. Sharing their ideas without hiding makes a friendship healthy .
I like to keep company with my friends. I have many friends in my country and foreign countries. But I have chosen several friends as my close friends. I can understand who the real friends are. I share my happiness and sadness with them. In my free time I call them and enjoy spending time with them.


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