I enjoy doing and making various things


Other than computers I also like to show my skills in various areas. Art is a noble subject. It fills us with pleasure and relieves our mind of worries.
So in my spare time I like to create new, beautiful things. Although I did my A/L in Bio Science, after my A/L I enjoyed learning about other  things for pleasure.
Many of my creations make me very happy. In my free time I like to create new things. I can sew dresses well and I can decorate saris and dresses. I like to do “Patch works” and wall hangings by using paintings, peals, bugles, and threads..
I also do “pottery painting”. I have decorated  various kinds of pots by using different materials.  I won the 1st place in pottery painting in my class.
I make normal cakes and structure cakes for weddings. I get a lot of joy from bridal dressing. I was the beautician and decorator for my sisters’ wedding. I made her dress and dressed her. Because I had learnt these things we could save a lot of money.
I think my hobbies are a very good example of something that brings lots of pleasure and it gives an extra income.
However these are not my profession. These are my hobbies. So I charge less as I do these for fun. I like to spend my pocket money and free time on my hobbies. I have decorated my home by making various handicrafts. 
My family members and friends appreciate and praise my skills. They encourage me all the time to develop my skills. I thank our master Mr. Amal Thushara for giving me the idea to write on this subject. 


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