The special festival in Galkema Raja Maha Viharaya


Galkema Rajamaha Viharaya is a very ancient, historical, and sacred temple. It is in located Hambantota district of the Southern province. The temple belongs to the villages of Pattiyawela, Tharaperiya, Walawela and Nihiluwa that surround it.
In the lovely month of May , our village temple had a special ceremony. From the 13th of May to the 19th, all the villagers gathered for special religious activities held by the temple priests.
In the afternoon of the 13th of May, statues of 28 Load Buddhas were enshrined in a new shrine room. A special Bodhi Pooja was held in the evening and at night, a “Piritha” was chanted from a beautiful specially built pavilion. Every evening during this period, a bodhi pooja was held by a specially invited priest.
The venerable Pallaththara Sumanajothi thero of the Southern province  participated as the chief guest for this festival. The venerable thero was welcomed with a special pandol and perahera.
The Vesak full moon Poya day was the last day of the ceremony. On that day, a special pahan pooja was held by the students and teachers of the Dharma school who lit 2552 oil lamps.
During the last two days, special Dharma sermons were preached by the invited theros.
It was a week when our minds were filled with happiness.



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    this is very good keep the good work going….. all the best

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