How we celebrated Poson poya day


The 18th of June is very special day for Buddhism in Sri Lanka – because it is Poson Poya day. It marks the day when  Buddhism was brought to Sri Lanka by Mahinda thero. Because of this we celebrate Poson Poya day. We respect and honor the thero Mahinda by doing religious activities. The Mihindu festival is held by the Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Not only at Mihinthalaya. Other parts of the country also celebrate this noble festival in a major  way.
Many Buddhist people celebrated this festival by doing religious activities . Mainly they hold a Mihindu Perahera. Most of Buddhist people observed Sil. Others set up Dansals, make lanterns or hold carol competition.
On the Poya day I was very busy because we gave alms of string hoppers to devotees who observed sill at our village temple – Galkema Raja Maha Viharaya. It was to also mark my brother’s birth day.
Since morning we had set up a Belimal Dansala. This is the fourth time we were giving a Dansala.
This Dansala was set up  by teachers and students of the Dhamma School in our village temple.
In the evening we joined our Pooja. This Poya day we are the responsible for making the Pooja.



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One Response to “How we celebrated Poson poya day”

  1. kalusudda Says:

    Very nice post and it seems you spend time preparing. Thank you for explaining what Poson to us.

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