This is the tern our farmers reap their paddy in our village


This is the time farmers in our village reap their paddy. They reap the harvest by using traditional and modern methods. I think modern methods are very easy compared to the traditional methods . Some farmers reap their harvest using the manual system while  others use modern cutting machines. But they all face many problems reaping the harvest because of heavy rain. They pray to the gods to protect their paddy fields from violent rain. The weather is changing more and more. I think it is caused by man’s harmful activities.
This harvest is a very pleasant and busy time for all our houses. After reaping the harvest, every house is filled with new paddy. A house filled with new paddy is a symbol of prosperity. Every house according to custom, divides a part of the harvest for a “Buddha pooja”. Milk rice made from the new paddy is given as alms to village temple. We then partake in it afterwards, sharing our happiness with others.


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