Kothalawalapura public school visited Ruhunulanka academy

 On the 30th of June was a very special day for the Ruhunulanka academy. The principal, the teachers, parents and students of the Kothalawalapura public school in Rathmalana came to Nihiluwa public school. They wanted to learn from our experiences and knowledge about the E-village concept.
We warmly welcomed them with morning refreshments. Afterwards, they came to the school computer lab. The master of Ruhunulanka academy Mr.Amal Thushara, the principal, vice principal, teachers of the school with the Ruhunu kids discussed and presented their ideas about the e-village concept. Then the master of Ruhunulanka and the students of Ruhunulanka gave a special program  of lessons.
At the end our visitors were very pleased. They thanked us for arranging the special activities and give us some gifts.


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One Response to “Kothalawalapura public school visited Ruhunulanka academy”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Hi, Dedunu, this is Jessica. (jessiquail@gmail.com)

    I haven’t been able to send my e-mails to you lately! I keep getting error messages. I don’t know what the problem is, but I hope it will be fixed soon!

    I hope the students of Kothalawalapura public school liked Nithiluwa and its students!

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