The city of the Dunghill

Once upon a time there was an ant. One day he wanted to go on a journey. As the journey was long it became night on the way. Then hHe wanted to find a lodge to pass the night. At that time, heHe saw a  dunghill near the road. Then he searched it’s condition. He saw that it is dry dunghill. Then hHe thought it is the best suitable place to pass the night. After that he entered to the dunghill and rest freely and went in to rest. When he was passing the night in the dunghill he thought aloneto him self, “This is the suitable place to build a town”. Then he placed his idea in mind.
First of all heHe finished his journey. After that he and went back to his village. He told his idea and said to all ants who lived in his village. All the ants of the villageThey agreed and accepted his idea and accepted his idea. All of tThe villagers discussed the plan to build a city. He could be able to success his idea. AfterThen they went to the dunghill and that all of them went that place and built their kingdom. They were very happy.
Then they wanted to appointedappoint a king for their kingdom. All the ants nominated their voted forto the pioneer. So after that heHe was made became the king for the kingdom unanimously. He ruled the kingdom proudly.
One day an elephant that was passing that place by putting put his leg over the kingdom. The king of the kingdom saw that the incident and he shouted to the elephant. : “Oh! foolish elephant,  don’t you see my kingdom? You did a bad thingbig fault. You have disgraced for me. I am the king of my kingdom. Don’t you know it?”

Then tThe elephant thought, “That What the ant is saying is true. I made a mistakedid a big fault. I should understand it. Even though he is smaller than me, he is the king of the kingdom. So I respect him.”
Then heThe elephant knelt down for to ask for forgiveness froming to him on the kingdom. When he knelt down on the dunghill, the kingdom and all the ants where lived in itthe kingdom were destroyed.

Theis story has says a good lesson: to  our human society. “We should be When we use words from our mouth we should careful about the things we say and, what are words we should talk and what are the words we shouldn’t saytalk.”


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