Three days workshop

 On the 16th of September the six students of University of Colombo School of computing (Com.Soc) came to H/Nihiluwa public school and held a three day workshop in the computer centre. The students of ICT and GIT of Nihiluwa public school and the students of Ruhunulanka participated in the workshop.
The workshop was very successful. The university students shared their knowledge about computer hardware, programming languages, web design, the Internet, software used in photo editing and videos. As a student of Ruhunulanka I appreciate their valuable help and I wish them success their lives.


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3 Responses to “Three days workshop”

  1. Gayan Garusinghe Says:

    Thanks a lot Dedunu.Its real pleasure for us to visit your school and share what we gained inside the university with you.It was a real nice experience to work with such enthusiastic members of staff and students.We will always extend our hands to you on sharing our knowledge and experience.Thanks a lot.Give regards to all others.Amal sir Krishan and Vindya and other students.

  2. Chanaka Upendra Says:

    Nice to here from you all. Thank you sis.
    Anyway, we are happy that your are doing IT great even though with difficulties.
    Lets see waht we can do. Looking forward to come there in the next vacation !!

  3. Melick Says:

    we are very glad to see this…

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