If we protect public property.

Public property is common property. It belongs to every one and every one can use it. Examples of public property schools are: temples, churches, Kovils, post offices, libraries, buses, trains, police stations, telephone systems, electric system, highways, irrigation system, and the transport system.
Every time if we think of public property, we should remember it belongs all and should be protect like our eyes.
If we protect public property it can be used not only this generation but also by future generations. So we should learn to protect these common things and learn to use then carefully.
Using public property carefully saves money. We should always think that public property  belongs to us and that we are the community of our country. If we damage public property we do harm to ourselves. We only waste money that could be used for other development work.
We should protect public property for our younger generations. It is our duty. Every time we should think of others. Then we can develop our country day by day.


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One Response to “If we protect public property.”

  1. Ashan Says:

    Your right. maybe you should join some group and work together for this cause since you obviously feel for it. I have a few friends who want to start a movement that makes a positive impact on Sri Lankans, and Sri Lanka. It’s called better sri lanka on facebook.

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