The Rumor says “The Sinhalese are the descendants of Vijaya and his men.

The Sinhalese are the descendants of Vijaya and his men. In the past, king Sinhabahu had a son named Vijaya. Vijaya and his friends always did many violent deeds and mischievous deeds. The people of that kingdom could bare it any longer and reported to the matter king. The king warned Vijaya not to behave in bad manner, but he kept repeating his acts.
So king Sinhabahu sent Vijaya and seven hundred of his friends away.
They sailed down the coast of India and came to Sri Lanka.
When they landed, one of Vijaya’s men saw a dog. He thought there is a town and started following the dog. The dog led him to a pond where there was a woman spinning. She was called Kuveni and she had magical powers. The dog was one of her servants. Kuveni took the man and shut him in a cave.
Another man followed the dog the same way. When Vijaya followed the dog and came near the pond, he saw that there were men’s foot steps going into the pond but none coming out of it.
Vijaya saw Kuveni and guessed what happened. He threatened to kill Kuveni if she did not free his men. Kuveni did as he ordered.
Finally she became Vijaya’s wife and helped him to win the kingdom from her own people.
Many years later Vijaya wanted to have a wife of his own race from India.
By this time Vijaya had two kids, one son and one daughter, named Jeewahaththa and Disala. He told Kuveni to leave the two children and go away. But Kuveni wanted to stay. She wept and asked him not to send her away but it was in vain. Vijaya threw them out from the palace.
Kuveni went to a city belonging to her own people. Because she helped Vijaya against her own relations they killed her. Her children escaped to the hill country. The Sinhalese are descendants of Vijaya and his men


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