Children and adults day

On 1st of October the whole the world holds children and elders day. In modern society, people are very busy. They are unable to do their duties for their children and elders. Every one tries to earn money. They want to increase their income and wealth. So they forget their culture, habits and customs.   As a result children and elders are left in unfortunate helpless conditions.
The children are a very important group in the world. They are the next generation of the country. Every one likes to enjoy their childhood very freely and happily. So every parent’s duty is to look after their children very well and love them. We should supply their needs, improve their health and education facilities. Give nutritious food, clean water, and medicine. It is everyone’s responsibility.
Some cruel people get children as their slaves and others leave their children alone.
Some organizations have been established to improve the welfare of children. The United Nation International Children Emergency Fund was started on 1947. The object was built a fund for the children who became helpless during the Second World War. In 1955 it became the United Nation International Children Fund. We know it as UNICEF. This organization’s aim is to protect children’s rights. UNICEF  looks into children’s health, and illness in developing countries.
However every one must look after children because children are the most precious thing in the world. As well as elders are a precious resources in our world.
Because they dedicated their whole time for develop their children and family. They always tried to give a good education for their children and make good living conditions for their family.
But when they became old everyone forgets their parents and elders. This condition is very sad. In old age elders should expect love, help, kindness, and affection. We should give our love to them and we should look after them like our eyes. When they became helpless they feel very sad and they became lonely people.
So as intelligent humans we must look after our elders and children. Then we can be satisfied that we fulfilled our duties and responsibilities.



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