Smoking is very harmful and threatful task in the present

Smoking is very harmful present day threat
Smoking is a very bad habit and a useless deed. It effects are harmful to all creatures.
In the modern world most people are addicted to smoking. This is a major problem today.
The general belief is that tobacco affects only the lungs. This is a wrong impression.
He effects of passive smoking are very dangerous. The harm caused from passive smoking is incurable.
In the country over 40 percent of adults and 25 percent of the overall population have the smoking habit. But most of them ignore the warnings. 
Smoking harms everyone’s organs like brain, eyes, mouth, throat, lungs, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, and bladder. .
Maternal smoking affects unborn children. Some times it may be the cause of death.
People who want to give up this bad habit but they don’t know how to do it.
If someone wants to quit smoking, she or he must first realize the general belief that tobacco affects only the lungs is false. I think if people can give up this bad habit, it is very great service to the whole society.


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