The season of paddy cultivation

This is the time our farmers get ready to cultivate paddy. These days it is raining very heavy heavilyraining period. So weather is not fine, butBut it is very useful weather for paddy cultivation. Before the  cultivation started as a custom there was a paddy cultivation ceremony in our area . By to respecting  our cultural and opinion It it was hold held on the 3rd of November in our area with the support of government.
The mMinister of Mr. Chamal Rajapaksha participated in this special occasion. The object of this ceremony was to get felicity blessing forto  our crops and pray to gods to protect the crops in every ways. In On that day the paddy fields looked like seems to be a wedding houses so with the decorations of in the fields. There was an open stage and where various traditional folk songs, dances and few kinds dramatic of items were hold performed by the villagers. It was very pleasure a timefun time for all. Memorizing We also remember past ploughing ploughing methods of farmers were  which used ploughs with cows. Now a days it was the rare opportunity in our society.
After this ceremony our farmers started to work their paddy fields. Every morning before the sunrise, farmers go to their paddy fields with holdingcarrying their mamotee ion their his shoulders. They work very hard in thewithout care  sun lights, rain, and wind. The farmer is a great person,person; because he works hard till to reap the harvest. So During the paddy cultivation season, every houses isare very busy and filledull with happiness.


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