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Terrible of the war

December 25, 2008

Now a days war is the major terrible burning problem in our Sri Lanka. Our brave soldiers fight and scarify their lives to escape our motherland by terrorists.
Before few days ago I went to see a brave army soldier who was injured in the war. After treated his wounds he was discharge, but still he was on his bed. He can’t do anything without other help. Now he was helpless. In the left side of his body was damaged very seriously.
When we went to see him he told his story and share his experiences in the war with us. I heard him very well. Even he see we feel very sad. Still he can’t sit alone.
On that day there was four soldiers with him. Everyone killed and only his life was saved. He had seen a terrorist throw a bomb at him but at that moment he couldn’t do anything, he shouted loudly by calling help. After he fell down. Then he didn’t anything. After he had admitted to the general hospital in Colombo.
He said us not only him there was a lots of soldiers were injured by the mission. They also had terrible damages. Some became disable people forever. Among lots of injured soldiers fight between death and life. How sad? This is the real condition in the war. So we should think about our brave soldiers and every time we should honor and respect for them. They are noble person in our motherland.
We don’t want war. We need only peace. Why everyone can’t think like that?


My lovely pet

December 25, 2008

Animals are beasts. They are low level intelligent beings than human. But they are very innocent and sometime they great than human. They don’t envious others. So they close to our lives.
Although “Blacky” was a bitch, she was my lovely pet in my house. Unfortunately, suddenly on 24th of November my Blacky died. On that day when I got up in the morning I could hear that my puppy died. I was unable to bear her death. I cried a lot near her death body. She was only 7 years old.
Still I can remember before 7 years old I brought her to our home from our neighbor’s house. Since that day she was our lovely pet. She could understand well, what we told her and she was tame us. She was a good watcher and protector in our house. Everyone was fear her, so her body was dark black and she looks like a terrible dog. Not only that she was a good hunter. Cats, dogs, poly cats were huntered by our Blacky. So they never came to our garden.Sometime our neighbors complain us that their pets were killed by our Blacky. Specially she was obey to our father. When father called to our Blacky she ran soon near him and went her kennel.
I never seen like such dog. In it’s childhood it was a cute puppy. It watched television with us sitting on a chair. In the every morning she came to our rooms and wake up us by jumping our beds. Actually she was a real lovely pet. When she got motherhood she was a real affectionate mother to her kids.
When we go out she was looking forward and when we come back she welcome us like a lovely person.
Although my Blacky died she saved her good qualities and mementoes with in our memory. But every day I feel lonely.