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I won my hope

November 27, 2008

In childhood every one has an ambition. Most of them hope to study well and try to get a job. It is the one of the aims of learning. Today I am very happy to say my ambition was successful. It is a great opportunity and great step in my life. On 25th of November I was able to join to the government service. Now I am a government employee called a “Grama Niladari”.
I think and I believe I can do a great service to my motherland. I hope to use computers for my duties and give a good service to people.
First of all I thank to my dear parents, teachers who taught and guided me in my life. I specially want to thank to Mr. Amal Thushara who encouraged and guided me in the computer field. I also grateful to the Ruhunulanka academy for all the help I have received.


The season of paddy cultivation

November 27, 2008

This is the time our farmers get ready to cultivate paddy. These days it is raining very heavy heavilyraining period. So weather is not fine, butBut it is very useful weather for paddy cultivation. Before the  cultivation started as a custom there was a paddy cultivation ceremony in our area . By to respecting  our cultural and opinion It it was hold held on the 3rd of November in our area with the support of government.
The mMinister of Mr. Chamal Rajapaksha participated in this special occasion. The object of this ceremony was to get felicity blessing forto  our crops and pray to gods to protect the crops in every ways. In On that day the paddy fields looked like seems to be a wedding houses so with the decorations of in the fields. There was an open stage and where various traditional folk songs, dances and few kinds dramatic of items were hold performed by the villagers. It was very pleasure a timefun time for all. Memorizing We also remember past ploughing ploughing methods of farmers were  which used ploughs with cows. Now a days it was the rare opportunity in our society.
After this ceremony our farmers started to work their paddy fields. Every morning before the sunrise, farmers go to their paddy fields with holdingcarrying their mamotee ion their his shoulders. They work very hard in thewithout care  sun lights, rain, and wind. The farmer is a great person,person; because he works hard till to reap the harvest. So During the paddy cultivation season, every houses isare very busy and filledull with happiness.

If we think others

November 27, 2008

Human beings are the greatest living beings in society. They can’t live alone need the help of others.
When we think about our selves, how often we need another’s help in our day by day activities? At home, we have to get a parent , brother, or sister to help to us. In the school we have to get our teacher, or a friend to help us with our functions. Do you think you can live without your neighbor’s or relative’s help? It is very difficult. We can’t live alone without help from others.
When someone lives alone he has to face physical and mental pressures.
We should realize we have many duties and responsibilities to our society. Even our Load Buddha preached that we have duties and responsibilities when we live in the society as children, parents, neighbors, relations, and priests.
If everyone did their duties, they don’t have to struggle to fill their rights. But now people in modern society don’t think of others. They live competition with each other. They think only about themselves. They try to defeat others. So now we have to face a terrible war. It is the major problem in our country.. We may be different in race, religion, cast, and nationality but we are all human. Every one has same color of blood. So, why we can’t think of others? 
We should have great qualities like generosity, mercy, honesty, kindness, and goodness…. We should defeat our bad qualities like anger, hatred, envious, selfishness. Then we can win the world as great humans.

The special memorial incident in my life

October 20, 2008

 On 15th of October was a very special day for me.  I went to Siththangalla for the first time and have many happy memories from the visit.
I got an idea to go to Siththangalla to see Perahere. My sister and I discussed it and in the morning. We went our cousin’s house in Wallasmulla. It is close  to Sittangalla . The Perahere is held on special occasions like the one at Devinuwara during the same period.
Siththangalla is very sacred, historical and ancient temple in the Southern province. I didn’t know of its legend until I went there. I heard that the temple was build before Mulgirigala. It is also like Mulgirigala rock temple which is also situated on a rock.
That night at about 9.00 p.m, I went to see Siththangalla Maha perahera. Vindya, my brother, my cousin’s two sisters and their mother went with me. We went there by bus, but we also had to go on foot for some distance.
First we went to worship at Siththangalla temple. At night the surroundings were decorated with lights and decorations. When we climbed to the top of the rock we could see the whole area which was a very beautiful scene. But it became unclear because of the mist and darkness. We got a little wet.
After worshiping we climbed down and went shopping. There are various goods like toys, ornaments, dresses, flowers, clay pots and sweet meals etc.
When the Perahera started we went shopping and at the end we felt very tired. So we stayed in a bus to rest till the Perahera came near our place. 
We got a nap in the bus and suddenly my sister woke up me. The Perahera was very beautiful with about 18 elephants and dancing groups. Elephants were decorated with nice new dresses and they went in the Perahera very looking proud. They added to Perahera’s unforgettable scenery.
The Perahera started about 1.00 a.m. and it finished about 3.30 a.m. When we came back it was at about 4.00 a.m. This is the first time I was seen Perahera in the night time. So it is very new experience for my life and an unforgettable  sweet memory.

Smoking is very harmful and threatful task in the present

October 20, 2008

Smoking is very harmful present day threat
Smoking is a very bad habit and a useless deed. It effects are harmful to all creatures.
In the modern world most people are addicted to smoking. This is a major problem today.
The general belief is that tobacco affects only the lungs. This is a wrong impression.
He effects of passive smoking are very dangerous. The harm caused from passive smoking is incurable.
In the country over 40 percent of adults and 25 percent of the overall population have the smoking habit. But most of them ignore the warnings. 
Smoking harms everyone’s organs like brain, eyes, mouth, throat, lungs, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, and bladder. .
Maternal smoking affects unborn children. Some times it may be the cause of death.
People who want to give up this bad habit but they don’t know how to do it.
If someone wants to quit smoking, she or he must first realize the general belief that tobacco affects only the lungs is false. I think if people can give up this bad habit, it is very great service to the whole society.

The Rumor says “The Sinhalese are the descendants of Vijaya and his men.

September 29, 2008

The Sinhalese are the descendants of Vijaya and his men. In the past, king Sinhabahu had a son named Vijaya. Vijaya and his friends always did many violent deeds and mischievous deeds. The people of that kingdom could bare it any longer and reported to the matter king. The king warned Vijaya not to behave in bad manner, but he kept repeating his acts.
So king Sinhabahu sent Vijaya and seven hundred of his friends away.
They sailed down the coast of India and came to Sri Lanka.
When they landed, one of Vijaya’s men saw a dog. He thought there is a town and started following the dog. The dog led him to a pond where there was a woman spinning. She was called Kuveni and she had magical powers. The dog was one of her servants. Kuveni took the man and shut him in a cave.
Another man followed the dog the same way. When Vijaya followed the dog and came near the pond, he saw that there were men’s foot steps going into the pond but none coming out of it.
Vijaya saw Kuveni and guessed what happened. He threatened to kill Kuveni if she did not free his men. Kuveni did as he ordered.
Finally she became Vijaya’s wife and helped him to win the kingdom from her own people.
Many years later Vijaya wanted to have a wife of his own race from India.
By this time Vijaya had two kids, one son and one daughter, named Jeewahaththa and Disala. He told Kuveni to leave the two children and go away. But Kuveni wanted to stay. She wept and asked him not to send her away but it was in vain. Vijaya threw them out from the palace.
Kuveni went to a city belonging to her own people. Because she helped Vijaya against her own relations they killed her. Her children escaped to the hill country. The Sinhalese are descendants of Vijaya and his men

If we protect public property.

September 29, 2008

Public property is common property. It belongs to every one and every one can use it. Examples of public property schools are: temples, churches, Kovils, post offices, libraries, buses, trains, police stations, telephone systems, electric system, highways, irrigation system, and the transport system.
Every time if we think of public property, we should remember it belongs all and should be protect like our eyes.
If we protect public property it can be used not only this generation but also by future generations. So we should learn to protect these common things and learn to use then carefully.
Using public property carefully saves money. We should always think that public property  belongs to us and that we are the community of our country. If we damage public property we do harm to ourselves. We only waste money that could be used for other development work.
We should protect public property for our younger generations. It is our duty. Every time we should think of others. Then we can develop our country day by day.

Three days workshop

September 20, 2008

 On the 16th of September the six students of University of Colombo School of computing (Com.Soc) came to H/Nihiluwa public school and held a three day workshop in the computer centre. The students of ICT and GIT of Nihiluwa public school and the students of Ruhunulanka participated in the workshop.
The workshop was very successful. The university students shared their knowledge about computer hardware, programming languages, web design, the Internet, software used in photo editing and videos. As a student of Ruhunulanka I appreciate their valuable help and I wish them success their lives.

The city of the Dunghill

August 15, 2008

Once upon a time there was an ant. One day he wanted to go on a journey. As the journey was long it became night on the way. Then hHe wanted to find a lodge to pass the night. At that time, heHe saw a  dunghill near the road. Then he searched it’s condition. He saw that it is dry dunghill. Then hHe thought it is the best suitable place to pass the night. After that he entered to the dunghill and rest freely and went in to rest. When he was passing the night in the dunghill he thought aloneto him self, “This is the suitable place to build a town”. Then he placed his idea in mind.
First of all heHe finished his journey. After that he and went back to his village. He told his idea and said to all ants who lived in his village. All the ants of the villageThey agreed and accepted his idea and accepted his idea. All of tThe villagers discussed the plan to build a city. He could be able to success his idea. AfterThen they went to the dunghill and that all of them went that place and built their kingdom. They were very happy.
Then they wanted to appointedappoint a king for their kingdom. All the ants nominated their voted forto the pioneer. So after that heHe was made became the king for the kingdom unanimously. He ruled the kingdom proudly.
One day an elephant that was passing that place by putting put his leg over the kingdom. The king of the kingdom saw that the incident and he shouted to the elephant. : “Oh! foolish elephant,  don’t you see my kingdom? You did a bad thingbig fault. You have disgraced for me. I am the king of my kingdom. Don’t you know it?”

Then tThe elephant thought, “That What the ant is saying is true. I made a mistakedid a big fault. I should understand it. Even though he is smaller than me, he is the king of the kingdom. So I respect him.”
Then heThe elephant knelt down for to ask for forgiveness froming to him on the kingdom. When he knelt down on the dunghill, the kingdom and all the ants where lived in itthe kingdom were destroyed.

Theis story has says a good lesson: to  our human society. “We should be When we use words from our mouth we should careful about the things we say and, what are words we should talk and what are the words we shouldn’t saytalk.”

Kothalawalapura public school visited Ruhunulanka academy

July 23, 2008

 On the 30th of June was a very special day for the Ruhunulanka academy. The principal, the teachers, parents and students of the Kothalawalapura public school in Rathmalana came to Nihiluwa public school. They wanted to learn from our experiences and knowledge about the E-village concept.
We warmly welcomed them with morning refreshments. Afterwards, they came to the school computer lab. The master of Ruhunulanka academy Mr.Amal Thushara, the principal, vice principal, teachers of the school with the Ruhunu kids discussed and presented their ideas about the e-village concept. Then the master of Ruhunulanka and the students of Ruhunulanka gave a special program  of lessons.
At the end our visitors were very pleased. They thanked us for arranging the special activities and give us some gifts.