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The significance of Dharma school education

May 10, 2008

The objective of Dhamma school education is to make well disciplined citizens. Unlike other institutions, the Dhamma school is a place where character and values are taught. Modern education is a competitive one where children try to defeat each other. As a result, peoples’ discipline is decline .
Good habits and customs are decreasing day by day.  Every religion teaches values about being a good citizen in society. So dharma school education is an essential thing to our society.
A person who studied dharma education is different other people. He or she has many special values. They never do bad things and give good ideas advice others.
The time in Dharma school is allocated not only to the time table but to grow the good habits in the all pupils. It does not have competitive examinations like tuition classes.
Our government allocated a day in the week to dharma education. But some tuition classes are also held during those days. As a result, children go to tuition classes instead and those attending dharma education decreases day by day. Because of this holding extra classes during Dharma school time should be banned.
The dharma school education specially cares about the student’s behavior.
Every parent wants their children to study for a profession. We can’t expect a proper pious education only from school. So Dharma school education is necessary one. 
Parents should to send their children to Dharma school every week. Otherwise they will not be able to make a good person to the society.
In the society we can see people are educated don’t know how to live in the society.  
Through the Dharma school of my village I also got Dharma education from primary education to higher education. I passed the final exam  and the Dharmacharya exam . Afterwards I worked at the Damma school as a teacher. I think it is very valuable thing in my life.



I enjoy doing and making various things

May 3, 2008


Other than computers I also like to show my skills in various areas. Art is a noble subject. It fills us with pleasure and relieves our mind of worries.
So in my spare time I like to create new, beautiful things. Although I did my A/L in Bio Science, after my A/L I enjoyed learning about other  things for pleasure.
Many of my creations make me very happy. In my free time I like to create new things. I can sew dresses well and I can decorate saris and dresses. I like to do “Patch works” and wall hangings by using paintings, peals, bugles, and threads..
I also do “pottery painting”. I have decorated  various kinds of pots by using different materials.  I won the 1st place in pottery painting in my class.
I make normal cakes and structure cakes for weddings. I get a lot of joy from bridal dressing. I was the beautician and decorator for my sisters’ wedding. I made her dress and dressed her. Because I had learnt these things we could save a lot of money.
I think my hobbies are a very good example of something that brings lots of pleasure and it gives an extra income.
However these are not my profession. These are my hobbies. So I charge less as I do these for fun. I like to spend my pocket money and free time on my hobbies. I have decorated my home by making various handicrafts. 
My family members and friends appreciate and praise my skills. They encourage me all the time to develop my skills. I thank our master Mr. Amal Thushara for giving me the idea to write on this subject.