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If we think others

November 27, 2008

Human beings are the greatest living beings in society. They can’t live alone need the help of others.
When we think about our selves, how often we need another’s help in our day by day activities? At home, we have to get a parent , brother, or sister to help to us. In the school we have to get our teacher, or a friend to help us with our functions. Do you think you can live without your neighbor’s or relative’s help? It is very difficult. We can’t live alone without help from others.
When someone lives alone he has to face physical and mental pressures.
We should realize we have many duties and responsibilities to our society. Even our Load Buddha preached that we have duties and responsibilities when we live in the society as children, parents, neighbors, relations, and priests.
If everyone did their duties, they don’t have to struggle to fill their rights. But now people in modern society don’t think of others. They live competition with each other. They think only about themselves. They try to defeat others. So now we have to face a terrible war. It is the major problem in our country.. We may be different in race, religion, cast, and nationality but we are all human. Every one has same color of blood. So, why we can’t think of others? 
We should have great qualities like generosity, mercy, honesty, kindness, and goodness…. We should defeat our bad qualities like anger, hatred, envious, selfishness. Then we can win the world as great humans.